‘I’ve been seein’ someone else’

27 Jun



I’ve been seein’ someone else.

Oil painting, 2014

‘I don’t solve problems, I just televise them’ – an oil painting

27 Jun

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Oil painting from a TV still of the Jerry Springer show.

My sketchbook this term

8 Apr

Here’s a look into the developing work in my sketchbook, made over the last 3 months… My practice at the minute is exploring ideas of human interactions, particularly those ‘staged’ ones we are presented with in so-called ‘trash tv’ shows such as Jerry Springer.


taking a line for a walk

28 Jan



A4 Portrait.

8 Jan

A video piece made on my fine art course at uni. Exploring ideas of language, drawing, and the relationship between ability and disability.

drawings on my studio wall

26 Nov

DSC01823 DSC01810

Amateur Alchemy

24 Nov


I’ve tried and tried in vain to get oil paints to work for me. They’re slow, I’m inpatient. However I was forced to try again in a painting workshop last week, and dare I say it, I might be slowly starting to come round to the idea of working in oils.

Firstly, why did I never consider using acrylic for the under-painting before?! It seems so obvious now, that with it drying so much faster than oils, I can start the actual painting so much quicker now – even the same day! Secondly, I never knew all of the possibilities when it comes to oil paint mediums. To hear that you can add a fast drying medium to the paint, which could leave it try overnight was the best news I’ve ever heard! We also learnt about mixing up paints from pigment – I love the way that it feels like making potions when you’re a kid. Mixing up pigment, medium and turps in old jars and tins from the kitchen felt like some kind of colourful, amateur alchemy.


Craft Schmaft

Making Happy

the madwoman has left the attic

musings on mental health

There's something about rainbows

- because colours are just awesome

Trash Culture Journal

An open-access academic journal on all things trash

emma pooley

Creatively chaotic: thoughts of a whimsical nature


"The contemporary pauper's cook" - Daisy Goodwin. "The Jocasta Innes of her generation" - The Independent.



Der Farbraum *


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